Bring your ideas, material, hardware

As the workshop should be as non-generic as possible, it would be great to have a lot of input from everybody involved. Teaching periods will be followed by phases of assisted individual application and adaptation of the curriculum. Thus, if you want to perform with a specific controller, bring it along. If you want to work with video, bring a camera or your own movie files, and if you want to use loops or still images, have them ready on your harddrive as well. Also, for those who want to start from scratch, I will have some material available as well.

Getting material ready, please keep in mind that Pd does not support a whole lot of file formats. On a Mac, movie files have to be in the .mov format with MPEG2 compression, and on Windows, .avi files with common compressions are mandatory. Also, Pd will not load mp3s, so you will have to bring your audio files in uncompressed .wav or .aiff formats.

If you want to browse for material, a good starting point for audio material would be soundsnap.com, while for moving images, you may want to check out the extensive collections at archive.org.




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