Welcome to the Pd workshop blog!

This blog is designed to accompany the upcoming Pd & GEM workshop at STEIM (April 7-10, 2008). Here, I will post download links to all the patches we will cover and reference interesting material. To get started, it would be very helpful if everyone could install the correct version of Pd in advance. Don’t worry, if something doesn’t work for you, we’ll check it out on the first day at STEIM.

During the workshop, we will be using the Pd-extended distribution, as it already comes with most of the libraries and extensions I want to cover. The latest official release is 0.39.3, and can be downloaded from puredata.info/downloads. However, if you are on Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”, you have to use a newer version, as 0.39.3 is not compatible. Please download this file here.

Background info: At autobuild.puredata.info, the developers of the Pd-extended package collect versions that are created automatically from the source every night. These are no official releases, and indeed the new versions for Windows that can be found there do not work on my machines. The referenced version for Mac OS X works just fine, though, and I will actually use it on my computer during the workshop.

More info is coming soon, so feel free to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed. I am very much looking forward to our workshop!




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